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Karaoke Scrolling Lyrics




For One Song

Multi-platform optimization

Ultra HD 4k resolution rendered

Custom background

Master Audio

300 seconds running time

Professional Background

Animated Lyrics Video




For One Song

Full HD (1080p)

Ultra HD 4k resolution rendered

Master audio

Custom Titles

Lyrics included

350 seconds running time

Karaoke Track+HD Video




For One Song



1 track

Alternate version

Include project file

1 song- Max 300 Seconds

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Maxy Reiniger

He was very thorough and attentive to detail. He worked with me over a couple of days and several changes to make sure it was what I wanted. I can highly recommend his work and responsiveness. Very much worth it!


Walt Grunewald

The work is excellent, like always! I don’t hear a drop-off in the sound when the vocals are removed. Nice. I love singing karaoke to the original music. I appreciate his effort and recommended!


Martin Müller

Great experience working with you! Speedy delivery time and listened to all my requirements. Very happy with my purchase and will again, thank you. I will recommend his service with no doubt


Frequently Asked Questions

No! You can ask a demo track before make decision for ordering my karaoke service.

I always provide best output, HD quality music with 100% customer satisfaction. One thing is mater that you must ensure your provided audio quality is good. You can ask for a demo.

One single track can be done within one hour but it depends on many factors (length of the song, timezone differences, orders already in place, etc). But it should not be taken more than 1-2 days. For Vocals removal it takes one day.

And for the scrolling lyrics with lyrics video or animated lyrics video takes maximum two days. If you you have any urgency I can do it within 24 hours.

No Worries, Music Maat provides unlimited revision after delivering a service that ensure you to get the perfect delivery.

Requirements: Audio or video: wav, mp3, mp4, or song link. Lyrics: doc, txt, docx. Song title (Optional) Artist name (Optional) Your logo (Optional)

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Do you need a karaoke music track with a lyrics video?

If yes, you are in the appropriate place!

I can proudly say that I can provide the 100% best quality vocal removal for your budget. 

You don’t need to spend a lot of money for instrumental cost. 

Ask for a sample tract and you will be surprised to have my work!

When you are looking for a scrolling lyric video or karaoke scrolling lyrics, it means you already know that scrolling lyric video is “the next big thing” in the music industry and you are part of it.

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